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Top 5 Most Expensive Spices In The World

5 most expensive spices in the world welcome to a quiet place where future billionaires come to get inspiration good morning, and welcome back, you might be wondering which seasonings are the most expensive in the world to make this top as accurate as we can exclude publicity stunts like this by a glass of salt for 1 million dollars and you get this diamond without it we're looking at spices everyone can buy that's why we decided to make this list short we only see the 5 most expensive spices in the world let's we start at number 5 cinnamon price of $ 6 per pound of this spice obtained from cinnamon tree bark which is native to Sri Lanka and also grows in India and Indonesia.

We think you know him well because you have seen the cinnamon challenge in my writing get it with your coffee at every price of Starbucks clove number 4 7 to $ 10 per pound native to Indonesia this spice also grows in Zanzibar, India, Madagascar, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the clove tree grows to 12 meters high and has large leaves and flowers, this spice also has the use of modern medicine that can reduce blood sugar levels of buds which have antioxidant properties essence is one of the most important elements of most perfumes out there number three the price of cardamom is $ 30 per pound native to southwest Indian cardamom.

Our small seed pods are used to give a little extra flavor to coffee and tea Guatemala is the largest exporter and producer of spices in the world followed by India there are two types of black and green cardamom with greens being more expensive in the treatment of green cardamom used to treat gum infections and gastrointestinal disturbances teeth pulmonary tuberculosis and inflammation of the eye vanilla lid price of two prices $ 50 to $ 200 per pound vanilla ranks number two on our list of the most expensive because spices in the world engrossed in the word vanilla means a little pod as you know vanilla is widely used as flavors and ice cream sweets and other desserts.

Although there is an artificial choice in the natural vanilla market that is cultivated in Central America and Mexico besides Mexico -food picked by hand after finalizing turmeric number one for sixteen hundred to five thousand dollars per pound.

The most expensive seasoning in the world is turmeric native to the Middle
Asian Indian spices contain more than 150 volatile compounds even though turmeric has been grown and harvested in many regions throughout the world which makes it special and the most expensive spices in the world are difficulties in harvesting it, each flower has three stigmas.

And that one acre is about 80 thousand flowers needed to get a pound of this expensive spice fourteen thousand threads equal to one ounce of turmeric do you know how difficult some of these spices are to be harvested I guess we took most of them for granted since we buy it at the supermarket.

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