What is Herbal Medicine?

What is Herbal Medicine?

What if treatment for heart disease found in fences or cancer in food chain or for depression in Good local parks today.

I talk to you about medicinal plants that are growing everything around us belongs to nature recipes for diseases and diseases things that affect us us embedded with nature and possessing nature give us this rich resource healing in our own environment is a the strong secret is pharmacy industry or medica currently dirt which medically means I don't really want to.

You know if I want you to know that medications occur around you medicinein your garden, medicine is in your garden the drug is on the side of the canal let's go and look for the herbs go see what they can do let's see the proof is there is a lot of evidence the basis now for the cure is there various academic journals and more more investment has been included researching this herb because what medicines many failures Agricultural cities do are trying extract active ingredients from a certain potion but not that simple things.

What herbalism works because this energy is energy from all plants with chemical energy which forms the environment in it the color of the whole plant brings quality of healing that works because of synergy you might know passion of interest works John nettle ginkgo ginseng there are many many herbs for people turn to medicine people go to the health shop they invested more money for prevention medicine in holistic medicine because people know that this is what we need, need preventive holistic medicine it will stop us sick because when we are sick with enthusiasm.

That the car crashed and it's we have to repair and rebuild and we structure to take a long time but what happened' esand does is it works in preventative way to to to build a stronger immune system to fight disease and to build vitality to to promote energy to my well-being within the body the body has its own healing infrastructure it's only healing alchemy its own healing this energy and what herbst do when we when we connect with the environment we love herbes that horrible tradition that horrible wisdom into us to heal us and boosts our energy and that's that's what we want we are to be our own healers we were not designed in a laboratory we'll design by nature we are embedded in nature and nature provides us with plants and healing qualities and if you learn these plants learn how to use them learn how to incorporate them into your into your life you will live stronger you will be healthier you will have less disease you'll have more vitality and you'll have a stronger sense of yourself in its.

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