Nutrients for Hair Loss

Nutrients for Hair Loss
Nutrients for Reversing Hair Loss

Want to talk about the key nutrients for beautiful hair my whole concept is from the inside out like what you put in your body versus trying to put some cream or serum or shampoo or condition on the hair that doesn't really fix anything restore because your hair is simply dead so you want to feed it from the inside out so here are the key nutrients zinc very important zinc is a type of trace mineral that is involved in enzymes to help grow protein so if your zinc.

Deficient you're going to hair loss okay so that's one trace mineral and then we have biotin there's so many products out there right now that you can take biotin and grow your hair back because biotin is a B vitamin that helps with protein it helps the growth in the tablets of protein and but biotin also strengthens the hair as well so it makes the hair thicker the problem with just taking biotin by itself without some of the other B vitamins you can create deficiencies of other B vitamins so you always want to take it's not it's okay to take biotin but just make sure you take a B complex together with it okay make sure it's not synthetic now vitamin B6 that is like the spark plug that allows everything to kind of work well.

So especially in the vault and with protein again and the hair and not just the hair the skin the nails the muscles so people that are b6 deficient have problems with protein in general and collagen so since the hair is collagen we want to include b6 okay and then we have copper copper is another trace mineral like zinc but if you're deficient in copper you can get split ends so the end starts splitting right give split ends you know you get a haircut but why not just use it as an indicator to see what's going on inside so copper is a very important trace mineral to restore that then we have trace minerals in general you have like 94 trace minerals and trace minerals are minerals needed in molar amounts and they're involved in enzymes and protein body proteins rebuilding proteins in the body ligaments tendons hair and nails things.

Like that silica is another trace mineral that's really vital in making the hair and nails strong so it doesn't break so if your hair is brittle you need silica and there are supplements just for like individual supplements that have silica for that and then we have collagen you need collagen because the hair is made out of a type of protein called collagen one problem with some people is they don't have enough stomach acid so they have heartburn and acid reflux and things like that and that indicates that you don't have enough acid believe it or not and you're not going to able to digest the collagen so you could literally have a loss of collagen in your body from your digestive system but the type of collagen that I use I have a product.

I'll put a link down below I use a wild caught fish scale collagen because it has unique types of collagen that are designed to rebuild and regrow hair and I also have all the nutrients in it with a natural blend of B vitamins and then the other problem with hair loss for example is that sometimes you get an alopecia which is like patches of the hair falling out or just hair loss in general male pattern or or hormonal problems with your hair coming out in the top part that is high levels of androgens and no matter how many nutrients you put in the body you're not going to get your hair back because you're antigens are too high okay so what you need to do for that is take something that inactivates the enzyme that converts that hormonal shift to antigen and that would be stinging nettle roots okay that's another vital herb that I recommend to help stop the excess production of androgen specially in females okay that's also in my product as well so anyway I wanted to create a video on the key nutrients and share your comments below thanks for watching.

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