Hair Vitamin Oil

Hair Vitamin Oil
VITAMIN E hair growth serum

You some amazing uses and hacks of vitamin E capsules that will simply amaze you before we go ahead please like this video and subscribe for more great content so let's start the video hack number one how to get white strong and beautiful nails just grab one or two capsules of vitamin E make a little hole.

With a needle to extract the liquid and start applying it directly on your weak yellow nails next take a soft bristle toothbrush and start rubbing your nails gently in circular motion rub for one to two minutes and your nails will become white instantly regular use will also help you to grow longer and stronger nails hack number two for dark knuckles and wrinkles take a clean bowl and add one teaspoon of honey remember to use pure honey only next add 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt or sea salt as it is strong natural exfoliator lastly.

I add one capsule of vitamin E now mix all ingredients well until you form a nice thick scrub now rub the mixture directly on your dark knuckles scrub the dark knuckles area for the next two to three minutes and after that wash the mixture off of your hands you will notice instan results if your knuckles are extremely dark and rough use this remedy daily for the next 7 days to get permanent relief from dark knuckles and wrinkles hack number 3 how to look 10 years younger than your age simply use this night serum and look 10 years younger than your age take a teaspoon of aloe vera gel in your hand and squeeze a capsule of vitamin E to extract the liquid now mix it well using your hands as shown in the video and start applying this serum all around your face massaging your skill while applying the serum for me or so then you can go to bed and I promise you that the next day you will wake up with flawless glowing and beautiful skin use this serum daily to get younger looking skin and your skin will never get old hack number four how to get clear and spotless skin take a clean bowl and add one tablespoon of coffee powder next add two capsules of vitamin E mix all ingredients well until they form a nice thick paste now apply this coffee mask on your face and start massaging it using your fingers massage it for the next three to four minutes and after that wash it off using cold water I promise you will notice instant.

Results use this remedy once per week to get clear skin pack number five how to get pink and soft lips apply one capsule of vitamin E on clean lips and start rubbing your lips using your fingertips or a soft bristled toothbrush you have to rub for the next three minutes and after that leave the vitamin E oil on your lips no need to wash it off if your lips are extremely dark then follow the same procedure for the next week now for hack number six how to make a natural skin cleanser add five tablespoons of lemon juice in a clear container then add one capsule of vitamin E in it and mix very well next dip a clean tissue paper in this liquid and it's ready to use now you can use this tissue to remove dirt from your skin you can see the results for yourself it has removed my lipstick so quickly even though my lipstick was waterproof this natural.

Cleanser really does a good job so you can also use it as a makeup remover and cleanser and finally hack number seven vitamin E oil for hair growth this technique is very simple simply squeeze one capsule of vitamin E oil in your hands and start applying the oil directly to your scalp give your scalp a nice thorough massage in order to promote hair growth wash off your hair after two or three hours and use this remedy two to three times a week to grow longer.

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