Hair Health

How to Find Out How Healthy Your Hair Is

Now it's time for the fourth question if you pull in a section of your hair how many strands fell out hey none be one two three strands see more than three strands alright so I want you all take a section of hair you can pull the hair of the person next to you if you want it's like that the Housewives of the dr. Oz Show know what you do what's your name Deborah on top never come on stand up for you don't mind so here's one gonna do we're all doing the same thing again a little bit of knowledge by looking at how much hair comes out so you can hold.

That for a second okay you're gonna take as much hair as food would fit into a straw so everyone do the same thing grab as my we can't service before oh I did get a lot nobody didn't do it like their job you're not trying to pull your hair out did you gain a little bit like like that that much as much as we put through a straw okay and start the very base right and then gently pull up and see what's in your hand oh okay alright so it's just one it's just one yeah so again we do this test because as we get a little bit older the follicles of our scalp back all over our body they stop producing hair quite as often so you start losing strands one is fine that's that's a base again that was our score but if you get more than three that means you're aging a little bit fashion you want to know building too much hair oh you're putting too much here that's it you're an optimist.

I like that all right I time for the final question and it's about your skin take a look hi doctor how many hours do you spend in the Sun each week a less than one hour one to three hours see more than three hours all right now I'm a fan of the Sun but you guys do it the right way 10 minutes a day they'll get you playing the vitamin D that you need anything more than that I'm worrying about your breaking down the collagen and that will make you look older it gives you wrinkles and all those bad things so let's find out how everybody's scored y'all get your scores ready all right now quickly look at how this all works this is my base my best way of evaluating if you got mostly A's Congrats you fit the profile of someone who's aging slower than you should let me see all the ace oh I love this get the best audience in television lots of a's up there perfect if your bees you're aging sort of on target you're totally.

Age you're supposed to be at not bad it's overall you're on the road to good health and disease the bees good so mostly A's and B's I hope we're going to find out now sees my friends I'm not judging you but if you're C's and I think thanks for being honest you could be aging faster than you want but I don't want you to worry because you can slow still if you want slow down that process so let me see the C's very few it's okay to a couple people I put on each other's hands up I like that so again now this quiz is a fantastic snapshot that's what it is a quick little picture but they get the full picture of how fast you could be aging I want you take the real age test on dr. oz calm it is absolutely fabulous and it's a front wonderful way of figuring out how old your body thinks you are you can also find a complete list of anti-aging solutions to improve your score if you're not happy with it I'm dr. oz calm 

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