Eye Health Tips

Eye Health Tips
Relieve Eye Strain with these Expert Tips

I strain used to seem like it was the province of the people who read a lot  the bookworm in the library all the time nowadays everybody's looking at something close up so pretty much at one time or another everybody's had eye strain this is the way we communicate  this is the way we work so we're looking  at an object within a few feet of our range that means our eyes have to put effort in and that's I strain several things occur when you look at something at near one that's not a big deal is that your pupils get smaller as you converge there's a muscle that does that then you have to pull your eyes together.

Which is an effort there are muscles in each eye and you have to converge them to look at the near target that takes effort and now you have to focus in other words if I'm looking in the distance that's one focus now like a camera I brought something closer and the camera has the lens that turns we have a muscle it changes the shape of the lens inside of our eye and that has to happen the common eye strain deliver.

The dry eye feel some burning tired you may feel some pulling around your eyes but it gets bad you may even get double vision because you can't keep your eyes focused on the target anymore so they go like this and now they're looking at different places and you get double vision so you back off and you rub your eyes after 15 to 20 minutes you should take a break and that break looks like this you blink a few times and you look out the window you want to look at something far away to allow your eyes to center again and to stop focusing so one way to remember it is 20 20 20 after 20 minutes take a break of at least 20 seconds and look at least 20 feet away.

The problem when we read or look at anything for an extended period of time is we forget to link because we're staring the whole time so linking a few times and looking out in the distance every 20 minutes will get you there those people that are going to be using a laptop there are things that can do to make it easier for you because our hands are relatively short the laptop ends up close to you and you end up staring at something that's close so when you can add.

Bluetooth keyboard would be great the larger the screen that you can use is better although many people are using 11 and 13 inch I have a 15 inch in front of me here because of the decrease the eye strain when you can you'd love to put on a stand and have it angled up a little bit and have the screen at eye height if you can get it there even if it's a laptop you can also set the light on the screen brighter or dimmer so it's your lighting in the room and help prevent glare on it there are also glare screens that you can put on so when you're setting up your workplace it's different than your laptop which travels with you you want to think about where you sit in relation to the desk whose one have a good posture to protect your back you want to have a keyboard that may be close by and easy to tap on but you want to have a monitor that's further away you want to have at least three feet away because that diminishes the amount of effort you have to put in to focus.

You want the screen to be large and you want the font size to be big and you'd like the center of the screen to be about the same level as your eyes to make it easy.

looking down immediately hurts your neck and looking up is uncomfortable so you want it to be centered well those simple things will help go a long way to diminishing stress ocular stress and or force none of this is really going to go away so we're gonna adapt and understand and learn hopefully improve the devices and understand how to use them properly and as we talked about using good reading habits making sure the lighting is good taking those breaks as you need to putting that all together these are good tools but they're not the end-all be-all talk to your friends get outside have a life other than just a digital one have a sofa you.

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