Benefits of Vitamin a For Eyes

Vitamin A Functions & Deficiencies
Vitamin A Functions & Deficiencies

About vitamin A okay there's some real interesting about vitamin A it's a fat soluble vitamin what does that mean you have water soluble vitamins and you have fat Seibel vitamins that's how the vitamins have the ability to travel through fat to be stored in fat longer it has the ability to go through cell walls because the layer around cells are fat lipid layers or fat layers these vitamin A that side with vitamins can go right through the cell where water soluble vitamins cannot so they can affect the deep parts of the cell the DNA the alteration of the DNA and that's why vitamin D deficiencies can really affect what your skin turns into okay at the genetic level so you can have a lot of little flaking things on your skin.

Little white little dots on the skin on the hair follicles you can have little skin flakes on the scalp you can have acne different types of acne cystic acne acne on your back it can create a lot of problems with your vision as well because vitamin A is necessary for your eye so if you can't see at night when 
you're driving at night use hard to see that's a vitamin A deficiency okay also lubrication of the eye and the mouth and anything any glandular secretion of like if you don't have enough of that lubrication that's about it man a deficiency also infections sinus infections ear infections lung infections all can be triggered by a low vitamin A level so it has a lot to do with your immune system so vitamin A gives support to the eye to the skin to the immune system to the inner skin to around your consign your nasal passages so if you have let's say sleep apnea or anything that's going on with the inner skin of your throat that could be vitamin A deficiency.

Okay now here's what people don't realize Vita munay is in cod liver oil thin liver thin butter it's an eggs specially the yolk it's in cheese okay that's the active form that a minute called retinol now it's true that kale spinach.

Carrots sweet potatoes greens also have vitamin A and they have a lot of vitamin A but here's what people don't realize this is a pre vitamin A so anything vegetable as a pre vitamin it's not an active form it's not retinol it has to be converted into an active form that conversion only takes place at certain parts of your body and it only certain percentages so if you're lucky you might get between 4 to 6 present percent conversions so if you're consuming a hundred milligrams let's say that vitamin A from cow you're only getting 4 to 6 percent of that ok so just because you're eating kale doesn't mean you're going to get enough vitamin A especially if you're not consuming these products so that's just some interesting information ok so now here's the next question what causes a vitamin A deficiency now it could be you're not consuming enough of these or maybe you're not converting these right here but more likely you probably are consuming enough vitamin A but the deficiency comes from the ability to convert and that has to do with your gut if your digestive system is damaged or you have a history of taking antibiotics we have leaky gut or some type of digestive issue chances are you can't convert this so everything's going to dry out your hair is going to dry out your skin is going to dry eyes dry.

So you'll start manifesting vitamin A deficiencies the other cause of vitamin A deficiency is a lack of bile B il e from the gall bladder why because the gall bladder helps you break down fats and breaks down the fat soluble vitamins so your body can start utilizing them so if you don't have a gall bladder that means you probably don't have enough bile to absorb vitamin A you might have to take some bile as an as a supplement ok so let's say you get you have another you just have a congested liver and the symptoms of that would be bloating burping belching right shoulder pain constipation those are indications that you don't have enough bile okay it could be because your stomach is not acid enough so you have heartburn well that means that that means you don't have enough acid.

because in order for you to release your own bile you need a very strong stomach so it could be that the stomach is not releasing the bile to help you absorb vitamin A so again I just want to give you that background in case you're taking about a minute it's not working because you probably can't absorb it all right.

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