Benefits of Vitamin E

Benefits of Vitamin E
The Benefits of Vitamin E

Okay make sure that when you're actually getting about a mini supplement make sure it's actually a food base make sure it has all the different things in the complex versus just a synthetic version alright so let's talk about the benefits one of the biggest benefits of vitamin E is its ability to dissolve a fresh clot okay it actually prevents clotting which if not corrected can lead to a stroke so vitamin E helps keep the blood in the right consistency so it's not too thick number two it decreases the need for oxygen in your tissues so if you're.

Deficient in vitamin E the need for oxygen goes way up and this is why it's connected to angina chest pain heart attacks so if your vitamin D deficient you have a lot of problems with the vascular system you don't have the healing that you need inside the artery you could get pain on the left arm because the heart cramps so the heart muscle needs vitamin E for oxygen and also all the muscles do so vitamin is really good to help keep your muscles in good shape to make sure they don't cramp and make sure that they are strong vitamin E helps increase collateral circulation now what does that mean so let's say for example you get a clogged.

Artery your body will then regrow additional blood vessels around that artery that's clogged so apparently you have some built-in backup system if you need it that your body will start to develop but vitamin E actually helps this process to keep the muscle filled with oxygen and blood flow 

Number four vitamin E has the capacity to prevent infection so it's good for the immune system it's good for inflammation and it can even prevent gangrene but you have enough vitamin E in the system alright.

Number five dilation of capillaries so vitamin E can actually increase capillary expansion and oxygen.

Number six, it helps heal burns alright.

Number seven, it can soften old scars so let's say for example you have stretch marks or you had an old injury you can take vitamin E rub it into that scar and it breaks down the scar pretty cool number eight you can actually help prevent bedwetting so if your child is wetting your bed give them some vitamin E okay so now the question is what is the key food that depletes you of vitamin E and that would be refined grains okay refined carbohydrates now that leads me to the next point which is what foods will give me vitamin E the top of the list is wheat germ oil now this is interesting because when you consume the refined wheat it depletes you a vitamin E but if you consume the germ of that wheat berry that grain it gives you incredible.

Amounts of vitamin E and that is because refined carbohydrates in the form of like wheat or other grains don't have anymore vitamin E so when you consume them it actually caused your body to use 
up your vitamin E reserves leaving you high and dry so we trim oil is a good source sunflower seeds second best source of vitamin E okay number three almonds now what I'm doing right now is I'm actually making my own almond milk and it's actually quite delicious it's really simple you just soak the almonds overnight in water the next day about 24 hours later you drain them out you know you actually put them under water just get rid of all the enzyme inhibitors then what you do is you take these almonds that have been soaking they're there now germinated which means they are ready to sprout but before that you're gonna stick them in a blender add some water blend them up add a little tiny bit of sea salt a little bit of stevia with vanilla and you have yourself some amazing fresh almond milk it's delicious.

And it's loaded with vitamin E I'll put a link down below of how to make it it's real simple before the seeds and nuts if they're raw have the vitamin E okay because if you cook them and roast them you destroy the vitamin E because vitamin E is sensitive to heat okay leafy greens thus the salads avocado has a good amount of vitamin E 

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