Benefits of Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin B Complex Explained

B vitamins are to utilizing carbohydrates in the body to burning some more fat and ultimately having the energy that you need to really feel your best I'm Thomas de Lauer with pure thrive and I'm going to break down what each and every single B vitamin does in the entire eight vitamin complex all right so first off we have vitamin b1 which is known as thiamine thiamine helps oxidize sugar into a usable form without vitamin b1 sugar cannot be oxidized and you ultimately cannot have the true energy that you need so therefore it's also going to help you utilize those carbohydrates more efficiently so they don't ultimately get stored as fat exceptionally important when it comes down a nervous system and muscle function hence utilizing sugar for energy to move your muscles and utilize your nerves then we have vitamin b2 also.

Known as riboflavin super super important when it comes down to the metabolism of not just carbohydrates but also fats and also proteins it's also a cofactor in creating what is called glutathione without riboflavin we cannot create glutathione and glutathione is what detox is our body from all its natural toxins so basically our liver creates glutathione to ultimately detoxify us from things like alcohol etc etc but without vitamin b2 we can never truly create glutathione within the body then we have vitamin b3 also known as niacin you see what niacin is gonna do is it's gonna help you utilize triglycerides properly it's gonna help the synthesizing of triglycerides which means triglycerides aren't going to be floating around your body waiting to be utilized as an improper fat source or stored but nice and is also going to help with the endothelial cells within your arterial wall beanies going to help them relax so you get more blood flow if you've ever heard of a niacin flush that is exactly what it is where you take.

Copious amounts of niacin to increase your blood flow and ultimately you see redness but normally that's too much that's not what you really want in a general healthy sense then we have b5 pantothenic acid ok pantothenic acid has been known for years to be tremendous for the skin but do you know why well pantothenic acid is tremendous in retaining collagen in the body helps your body utilize its collagen more effectively but it also preserves it but it's also involved in the livers process of creating coenzyme a so if we don't have coenzyme a we can't produce energy but if we don't have vitamin b5 or coenzyme a within our liver our livers can't detoxify one of the reasons that five is so good for the skin is it helps.

The liver flushed out the impurities in our skin that's why we get such a radiant look whenever we take vitamin b5 or pantothenic acid then we have vitamin b6 which a lot of people don't talk about and that was known as Pyrrha Doxil pyro Doxil helps take tryptophan which is an amino acid and convert it into serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that helps us feel good so without that conversion we can't create the feel-good neurotransmitter so very very important when it comes down to mood regulation it also plays a big role in water retention if you have too much b6 then you're gonna retain too much water if you have too little b6 you're gonna retain a lot of water then we move in to vitamin b7 which is known as biotin we all know biotin is tremendous for your hair skin and nails but it has a lot of other attributes within the body to see.

In the same way that it helps you produce healthy hair skin and nails it also helps you produce what it's called the myelin sheath myelin sheath is the outer casing of a nerve and it's made up with a lot of the same materials that your hair your skin and your nails are so without that myeli sheath the nerves 
cannot send a signal from one end of your body to the other so it's exceptionally important when it comes down to just looking and feeling your best and feeling connected with your body then we have b9 folate also known as folic acid this is extremely critical when it comes down to red blood cell formation but also red blood cell division you see a red blood cell division is the proper division the proper utilization and creation of new red blood cells that are dividing from existing red blood cells if we don't have this folic acid they don't divide properly we can end up with genetic mutations the folic acid also plays a huge role in white blood cell creation without white blood cells we don't have an immune system so that's why it's so important that folic acid is in place when a woman is pregnant or when they just gave birth because they lose a lot of that and they end up losing their immune system so very very important there then lastly we have good.

Old-fashioned vitamin b12 which is cobalamin cobalamin forms red blood cells it works very very closely with folic acid benign so b9 and b12 work together to help create new red blood cells and ultimately help those red blood cells divide to create a plethora of more good red blood cells so without these B vitamins your body isn't some serious distress and the hard part is they're water-soluble and that means whenever you get dehydrated or whenever you're too hydrated your ratio of vitamin b2.

Everything else in your body is off throwing off your energy metabolism and throwing off the utilization of all of your macronutrients so that's why pura thrive has a liposomal my solar form of the beet complex meaning you can get all your B vitamins in a fat soluble form so your body doesn't just quite honestly wash them away so click on the link and you can learn a little bit more about what each B vitamin does but also how you can utilize the technology that we're using here at pure thrive to get the most out of your life I'll see you in the next page 

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