Benefits of Fruit

Best Fruits & Their Health Benefits

Benefits of Fruit
Fruits and their health benefits mango also known as the king of the fruits is not just called that for its great taste but also for its uncountable benefits it is a rich source of iron and works as an antidote for nimac patients it is ideal for pregnant women and also for those women who get week after their menopause it is also rich in vitamin a' and also helps reduce skin ageing process dates this high caloric.

Fruit is rich in iron potassium manganese and vitamin B complex the B complex vitamins helps regulate the glucose level whereas potassium controls the blood pressure helps transmit nerve impulses and prevents cramping of muscles manganese is effective and maintaining strong bones the use of dates reduces the risk of heart attack and it is also an easy solution for constipation strawberry  strawberry contains antioxidants and is a rich source of vitamin C which helps to improve the immune system folic acid is also found in it abundantly essential for making DNA and RNA and fighting cancer for staying teeth cut strawberries into halves and rub them on teeth you will notice a visible difference it is also a rich source of manganese potassium copper and vitamin b-complex banana next time.

When your doctor prescribes you an antidepressant try eating a banana rooted in bananas is a chemical called amino acid tryptophan that helps to reduce depression also banana is an important source of carbohydrates fats proteins iron potassium and phosphorus the amount of phosphorus found in banana is very useful in brain development this popular food is also a quick and easy remedy for heartburn orange orange belongs to the family of citrus fruit this juicy fruit contains collagen beneficial for keeping younger looking skin don't consider orange peels as a waste because chewing small pieces of its peels help in bad breath and give you long-lasting fresh breath it also maintains the pH level of the mouth and prevents tooth decay and cavities pineapple pineapple is yet another amazing fruit with lots of benefits for skin it is beneficial for healing wounds and curing skin.

Infections that are caused by injuries it contains enzymes that helps in skin elasticity and also makes the skin soft an easy remedy for dark spots lies within pineapple pineapple helps build strong bones and improves digestion apples in ages old statement an apple a day keeps the doctor away still holds true as it is helpful in curing major diseases like Alzheimer's osteoporotic and asthma it is the highest cultivated fruit worldwide and 35% is cultivated in China the rich amount of pectin found and it helps reduce bad cholesterol up to 16% improves intestinal health and removes toxic substances from the body also the amount of potassium found and it helps the functioning of kidneys and also aids in stone removal grapes grapes known as the queen of fruits contains essential vitamins like vitamin A C & b6 it.

Has some important minerals stored in it such as calcium potassium iron phosphorus selenium and magnesium a simple home remedy for curing my grayness to drink juice arrived grapes without adding water to it it prevents heart diseases by improving the nitric oxide levels in the blood which results in reduced blood clotting lemon lemon is an all-season fruit that has endless benefits since ancient times this fruit is believed to neutralize the effects of various poisons and researches have proved it to be true the rich contents of vitamin C helps maintain good skin health other essential nutrients found in it are calcium magnesium bio flavonoid limonene and pectin it is known for its immunity boosting and a bacterial and antiviral properties also it is a cheap and eas remedy for weight loss watermelon to eat the scorching heat of summer watermelon is the best fruit available as it is rich in electrolytes watermelon is a low caloric fruit as 100 grams contains only 30 calories it prevents stroke and other chronic heart diseases with the help of potassium contents in it the amount of lycopene present in water lily helps the skin from harmful effects of UV rays it also contains vitamin b1 b6 C.

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